Walking A Dog in Summer

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In an earlier blog entry, we talked about keeping your dog safe during the summer heat. As we are now moving into the teeth of summer we wanted to re-emphasize one very important point which is sometimes overlooked – when to walk your dog.

Simply put, it is not a good idea to walk your dog during the heat of the day and in direct sunlight. One reason, of course, is that your dog may suffer heat exhaustion – even if you are giving it water. But just as important is the fact that the hot sidewalk can burn a dog’s paws – just as it can burn your feet. You likely wouldn’t dream of taking a walk yourself in bare feet on a baking hot sidewalk. Why expose your dog to that same discomfort?

If you sense that your dog might have a burnt paw – your dog may be excessively licking its paws – you can look to see if there is a loose flap of the pad on the paw or a detached pad that has left an ulcerated patch on the paw. The latter can be treated with an anti-bacterial wash and then by bandaging the paw. If the pad is loose, you can wait for it to fall off naturally or have your vet remove it.

As a general rule, avoid summer walks after early morning, and about one hour before sundown. And by all means, avoid asphalt!

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